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Sales Training

Buzzy Sales Consulting Inc. will determine the culture within the sales staff and present a gradual mind shift towards positive thinking, positive actions and positive outcomes. Buzzy Sales offers a 2 day training course and weekly coaching in order to create new neural paths to a constructive way to sell. These new neural pathways will undoubtedly change the attitude towards creative selling and create new relationships with new prospects and solidify existing relationships.

Buzzy Sales training and Buzzy Sales coaching will prepare your sales team for the daily grind that’s associated with selling and make it fun again!

Lead Your Industry!

Business Growth and Intelligence

Buzzy Sales Consulting recommends that the management/executive team of your company participate in the Business Growth and Intelligence (BGI) course that we have developed for management. Analytics and Data driven solutions are the next solution for companies to lead their industry. This is business development on steroids.

After the initial BGI clinic, it will be followed up by bi-weekly coaching follow-ups to maintain the management/executive team’s full understanding of why BGI is necessary and how it works. 

Work With The Latest Trends!

Technology Management

We’ve done our homework so that you don’t have to. Learn about the best application to fit your needs and let us help you implement it, troubleshoot, and create value for your business and needs.

If your business is interested in:

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Workflow software
  • Custom forms
  • Productivity apps

Let Buzzy Sales get you setup with the latest trending technology. We keep track of changing industry trends so that you don’t have to!

Do you want to close more sales?

Make more money?

Of course you want to… A good salesperson is always looking to become better at their craft.

The REAL question is… How do you get sell more of whatever you want to sell?

With so many different CRMs and apps out there promoting ways to become a better salesperson, it’s easy to get lost and confused.

And for business owners, how do you know which tool is the best for your salespeople to use and execute? Which tools will increase revenue and which ones are a waste of money?

Buzzy Sales keeps up with the sales and business industry so that YOU don’t have to. We’ll show you easy and proven tools and skills that you can use yourself and teach your staff.

No matter what industry you are in:

  • Product Sales
  • Services
  • Online Sales
  • Marketing

We can help!

Read through some of our consulting services below and get in touch with us from the Contact Page if you think Buzzy Sales is right for you.

Our Blog page is full of sales tips, consulting advice, application reviews, and information to help you take sales and communication to the next level.



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