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The Team at Buzzy Sales will help you sell like a professional.  Understand your target audience, build strong rapport, tell a compelling story, create real benefit and value, address objects and follow up professionally The Buzzy Sales way.

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The team at Buzzy Sales are consummate professionals. Jason’s communication skills and ability to relate sales in a fun, learning environment are off the charts! Greg is wise beyond his years and the two of them made a huge difference in my closure rate. The ongoing sales coaching they provide me is invaluable. It’s the little things they do that make it a big thing for me! Thanks Buzzy!

Tyler K., ISCO

I was never convinced on the value that sales coaching would provide me, especially in agriculture sales. After our introductory meeting I was sold. Previously I didn’t think I could use a standard sales structure or procedure, and as much as this is true with Buzzy’s help we came up with a sales process more customized to agriculture sales. I can now more confidently make a plan for each client and ensure my best odds of a sale. Previously I was throwing darts blindfolded now I can be far more precise with my conversations and process. Buzzy Sales makes the designing of the sales process easy and convenient for my crazy schedule. It has enabled me to have the peace of mind that I am on top on every client and am not letting any slip through the cracks.

MJ Ag Solutions

Through the Buzzy Sales program I was able to acquire and refine sales skills, become a better manager of myself, and an overall more rounded professional. The team at Buzzy Sales were available anytime I needed them for anything from deal crafting to strategy meetings.  Their intensive in-person training and weekly sessions ensured I was motivated and oriented me in my profession development.

Morgan K., Sales

Jason has provided me with the tools necessary to simplify our sales process and maximize the time we spend with each of our clients. This has increased our time management so we can spend time discovering new opportunities as well as making sure our current clients have the tools they need to succeed. 

Aberhart Ag Solutions

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Buzzy Sales offers a suite of services all designed to help you improve your business intelligence and sales. Improve conversion rates, increase sales, and connect your business to 2021 trends and beyond.

Business Intelligence

Increase business productivity and decrease financial burn with real business goals you can implement today. Buzzy Sales works with you to develop new business and increase your revenue.

Sales Training

Convert more sales and empower your sales staff. Buzzy Sales has a tailored sales training course for your business all designed to help you sell better.

Digital Marketing

Increase your presence online with digital marketing plans for your business. Get traffic, social media followers, and google visibility/

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