The Best CRM For Startups: Features Explained

Are you are a new company looking for a CRM and you want to know which specific features will help out your business? This CRM for startups guide breaks down exact features that will help you decide on the right CRM.

Unlike other generic CRM lists, we’ve actually done our research to find specific features that startup companies need.

No matter whether you are a software startup or in retail, commerce, or technology, we have information for you.

Let’s dig in!

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Before we get into specific CRMs that can help your business, let’s take a look at specific CRM features that small businesses care about. These are the things a CRM has that make running your business easy.

What CRM Features Are Important For a Startup?

If you are a new company, then there are specific features in a CRM that are important to you.

Easy to Use

As a startup, you have a million things to do. You don’t want to spend time learning a complicated CRM system. You are too busy taking meetings, doing outreach, interactions, closing deals, and trying to turn a profit.

Because of all this, you want the easiest CRM for your business. Log in, note your business, check your pipeline and get value in the information later.


As a startup, money is always tight. You need to focus on spending money driving your business forward in meaningful ways. Your CRM should be free when you need it, but adaptable as you grow bigger.

This means that your CRM should be full of free features and expandable with the size of your business.

All in One

Nowadays, we already have too many apps for services for everything. You use apps for communication, organization, automation, accounting and more.

Help yourself out by using an all-in-one CRM that replaces other programs entirely. Your CRM should give be your customer service tool, provide business intelligence, and increase your revenue. Below, we look at CRMs which can help you stay organized and be your accountant as well.

If these features sound exactly what you want, then keep reading for our best CRM for startups list. We’ll highlight specific features that will help you out.

Best CRM For Startups in 2020


hubspot logo

HubSpot CRM has one of the most feature-rich platforms for customer relationships, sales, marketing, and more. This is awesome for giving you that all-in-one CRM that your startup company needs.

Here are some features for new and small businesses that Hubspot has to help you out.

HubSpot Features for Startups

Contact Website Activity

hubspot contact web activity - crm for startups

As a new company, every single visitor to your website is important. HubSpot attaches to your website and gives you analytics into what exactly each potential customer does. Find out how well your contact button is doing and how much people interact with your site before they leave.

This kind of data is key to earning new customers or gaining the followers that your new business needs.

Communication Integration with Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Outlook, your website & more

HubSpot is second to none at integrating with other applications. You can sync it with Facebook Messenger to automatically receive and answer requests. Create shared or individual email boxes with Gmail or Outlook and triage emails amongst your team. Save template email messages and save time sending emails. Add a live chat box to your website that gives automatic replies and increases sales.

As a new company, these CRM marketing features are key to getting more business.

Payment and Accounting Integration

HubSpot CRM can be your entire accounting department as a new startup. You can integrate directly with Stripe to take credit card payments. Create invoices and sales receipts from pre-made templates right in HubSpot.

As well, you can run reports on how your startup is doing and integrate with Quickbooks and other accounting applications.

Click here to sign up with Hubspot now.

Zoho CRM

zoho crm logo

Zoho is another great CRM for startups. It has some really great features catered for small businesses.

Zoho CRM Features For Startups

Inventory Management

If your company deals with inventory, then Zoho CRM’s management system is made for you. You can add products, track deals, generate invoices and purchase orders, and integrate with account apps.

Keeping track of products going in and out is easy on Zoho CRM. This will let you focus on other parts of your business.

Day to Day Workflows

crm for startups - zoho task list

Zoho CRM allows you to create daily and weekly task lists and workflows. You can assign these to team members, track progress, and work towards goals more efficiently.

As a startup company, you’ll have a million things to organize. Zoho makes it easy to hit your goals and spend more time completing tasks rather than just planning them.

Email Marketing

Does your company like to send out emails? Zoho includes some really slick email marketing tools to make things easy. You can create forms to place on your website and get new sign ups. Build email templates to send out to your email list. View analytics are how well emails are opened.

Many new businesses sign up for services like Mailchimp to do email marketing. With Zoho, you can eliminate a second app for this area of your marketing.

Click here to sign up for Zoho CRM.


freshsales logo

If getting sales and customers is your main goal, then Freshsales is the CRM for startups you need. Most of its purpose is to help with sales, which is a key need to generate revenue.

Freshsales Features For Startups

Built-in Phone

Freshsales includes VoIP voice calling, which means that your startup doesn’t need a phone line. Where HubSpot and Zoho include this option for $50 per month, Freshsales includes this in their base $12 per month package.

A phone line is key for any business. Being included in your CRM means that you can view analytics about all your calls, automatically sync information back to leads, and more.

Lead Scoring

freshsales lead scoring - best crm for startups
freshsales lead scoring – best crm for startups

As a new business, you will be making as many contacts and connections as possible. Freshsales CRM for startups has a really slick scoring feature for leads which rates them based on automatic and manual factors.

Freshsales will give you insight into someone’s interest level and tell you about changes to their score over time. This lets you focus on working with the right leads and ignoring those who don’t provide any value.

Human Resource Tools

Freshsales has a full-featured human resources application called Freshteam. It can be the full HR department for your new company by offering time and vacation and employee information tracking in one spot.

As well, Freshteam can analyze resumes and help find qualified applicants. Once you hire a new employee, the application can help with onboarding by getting important documents signed automatically.

Click here to learn more about Freshsales.


These are just a few CRM features for small businesses that should help you out. Click on each link above and learn more information about each CRM.

Having trouble? Contact us and let us know what your business is looking for in a good CRM. We’ll help you find the right service, and we can also help you move from your spreadsheet into the new system.

What is your favorite CRM for startups and small businesses? Does yours have any features worth showing off? Comment down below or contact us today so that we can have a look!

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